Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia) Interview

I'm not sure when i did this interview, maybe two years ago. Just when i started with the zine stuff. So, Vasko (guitar) sent me the questions last week, and now you can learn a little about this really nice band from Macedonia. 

Check this out:

Miséria: So, the band members  are: Kristina Gorovska-Vocal, Vasko Atanasoski-Guitar, Dzano Kuc-Drums, and Nenad Trifunovski-Bass. When the band started?  already had some change from the original line-up? How did you know each other?

Vasko: It was a long road to this line up, which is is stabile in the last 2 years. We’ve started 5 years ago. There was bass player’s changes, but all close friends of ours. All of us played together in other bands in the past so we are friends and we know each other very good. We are playing together in the last 10 years in bands like FxPxOx,This Home is Prepared and SmartxBomb.

Miséria: Can you tell me about the records that you already released? When it was released, the labels, countries… What was the main reactions so far?

Vasko: We’ve released 2 LP’s and 2 EP’s so far. Vinyl version is always collaboration between couple of labels ( moonlee-slovenia, prugelprintz-germany , thrashbastard-germany, crapoulet-france, narshardaa –germany).Our own label Napravi zaedno ( www.napravizaedno.com ) is always participant. Speaking about CD’s , Moonlee is always in charge here. Also we’ve worked with PMG for Macedonian cd versions.

The reactions are great. We are selling most of our records on our tours.

I am glad that people recognized our own interpretation of post punk which sounds kind of unique.

Miséria: Do you know some Brazilian label/distro that has selling Bernays Propaganda records?

Vasko: No, but hope that someone is doing’ that. If someone is interested can wrote us. Also if some Brazilian label wants to co-release our next record is welcomed.

Miséria: What is the main difference about writing music in English and in Macedonian?

Vasko: Writing on Macedonian is way easier and more natural because that’s the language on we are thinking. English is good because almost everyone can understand you,so because of that we are doin’ compromise with singing 80% on Macedonian and 20% on English.

Miséria: In Brazil we have a politician called Paulo Maluf, he is a famous guy here, a symbol of corruption, he was elected as a congressman for São Paulo with a large number of votes in 2011. In Macedonia have guys like this?
Vasko: Yeah, Macedonian is full with this kind of examples. There was criminal privatization goin’ on when we split up from Yugoslavia in 1991 which made criminals economical and political power in this country. Factories were literary stolen from workers hands and that process made armies of poor people. Even now, unemployed rate is around 40%!!!

Miséria: Why the name Bernays Propaganda? Are you going to manipulate mass opinion usingunconscious? I’m not sure, but after listening “happinness machines” and “my personal holyday” I started feeling strange stuff, I don’t know… things seems to be wrong…
Vasko: Yeah,you’ve got it.Just check this and everything will be clear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyPzGUsYyKM

Miséria: Do you think that capitalism crisis is good because it makes us create good music? Don’t you think that if we had a society based in some kind of real humanism, we wouldn’t have nice subjects?
Vasko: I believe that art should be reaction of the society.Let’s say,some kind of mirror.
It’s true that the good music comes from the mud and pain.

Miséria: Do you have some political preference?
Vasko: Yeah, we are anarchists. We believe in equality based on diversity.

Miséria: Do you know something about Brazilian music/bands? Here we don’t know that much about Macedonia…
Vasko: We love some Brasilian bands as: Discarga, Mukeka di Rato ,Sepultura and Ratos di Porao.I know that Brasilian scene is massive and creative.

Miséria: As i saw, the music style of the band can be described as a “danceable new wave/post-punk” isn't it? Can you tell me about the influences, and what lead you to play it?
Vasko: Before everything we are diy band. We believe that the point of punk was: everyone is different and should do what they want. We stick to those principles. Our inspiration were always hard working honest bands like: Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, Gang of Four, Big Boys...

Miséria: can you tell us something about the underground scene in Macedonia?

Vasko: The scene is really small but there was always good bands coming from here.

In 80’s bands like: Mizar, Padot na Vizantija,Badmingtons,Arhangel…in 90’s: Anastasia, Suns, Last Expedition, Kiborg…and 2000’s are also great with bands as: Culture Development, Midless Violence,Siz, Fonija….You can also check some cool bands on our local label: www.napravizaedno.com

Miséria: Do you have any closing comments? 

Vasko: Thanks so much for the interview. Please say hello to great football player Ziko if you see him. Feel free to write us on: junkcola@gmail.com

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