Interview with Defatwas

Interview with female punk rock dutch band DEFATWAS.

to start, can you write, how was the formation process of the band?

Yasmina (Guitar), Faby (Bass) Started to play together around 1997 with Hcpunk outfit “NoSex” (also with female vocalist & Drummer) Because all were also involved with loads off other stuff, this band had some active periods, But also times they did not played for a year(s)
By 2003, Drummer (-became a proud mom) & the singer quit this band, , ..While the other 2 were motivated more than ever, to get a band going with serious output and continuity; Enter “DeFatwas”
With new singer Claudia & Drummer Marina, The band became a force to be reckoned with; producing songs in their
own early'80 HC-style, playing high-energy live-shows, mostly at benefit/social awareness events. This gave the band a small-but hardcore following and loadsa good reviews for over 5 years.

Their were 2 demo-sessions, from wich some songs were released on various compilation albums, macedoinia, russia, indonesia and in europe.

the change on the line up only occured at the vocalist, or there are some other modification from the original line up?

That's it.
After 5 years “in the Van” with DeFatwas, Claudia felt it would be difficult to continue, + also finish her Study/School, She choose to focus on school, that's cool, She could only make that descision herself..
After her leave, their was a year with 3-4 girls doing try-outs as new vocalist.
Andrea turned out to be the one, going strong for over 2 years now,+ being recorded for 1st time!

you have recording something, it is for a demo, or for a debut? can you tell me when you want to release it? all the songs are writen in dutch?

We recorded 2 new songs in -just opened- ARCstudio in Amsterdam.
It's Demo-stuff, Done in 1 afternoon, ..Bassicly to set the standard for more to come..(A '12?! maybe?!),
The lyrics of those 2 new songs are in dutch, Yes, ..But this is coincidence, Most of our lyrics are english, some Dutch, some French, haha, No Portugeese, sorry,.. But we talk universal language-)and you can download ours songs for free.
-We actually did record a roughmix for a full-lenght album before. With Claudia. But when she left, the urgence/motivation to finish that project also went..;At the time we were not sure how to deal with that, with a new vocalist, And besides that; the label who were supposed to release it, never got back in touch with us again)

Can you tell how you see the independent scene nowadays? is there some difference in the scene in Holland since you started playing together?

Sure, it changed,for the good and the worst...i think like everywhere, here it's to find a nice club where to play, before lot of squats organize gigs, since squatting is illegal, lot of them close down. Also, before, it was more all girlz bands like: Link (with the lead front singer from Makiladoras on drums), Suicidal Birds(garage punk'N'R), The Riplets(punk'N'R), Siren(H-C), SweetSweet(electropunk), Lady Die(grind), pity, these bands don't exist no more.

can you indicate me some dutch bands formed by girls, probably i could find looking for it on the web, but i'd like you to tell me (please)... Some years ago i was listening Makiladoras, so, Defatwas is the second dutch girlband that i heard...

like we just said, it was more all-female bands before, Almost no all-girls bands playing loud and fast anymore. Right now we can only think of Cheap Thrills (R'N”R)and we really hope that some all-girls bands are practising now and that we will soon hear about them. They are fortunetly female fronted bands or bands with girls - we are now only talking about punkrock bands – such as: Ratarsed (female lead vocal), Hysteria (female lead vocal and bass guitaar), Usual Suspects (female drummer), Bambix ofcourse...

So, this short interview is over... probably i didn't asked something you want to say, here's the space for it...

D.I.Y, still F..ing rules! Go out and make it! -especially girls, make the scene happening.
For all; Don't be only consumer/spectator, Even if you are not talented, Be who you are, Fuck to live up to critics from people who suck, doing nothing but only have a bigger mouth.
You could be a guitar-genius on stage, Or 2 chord wonder in the backroom, BUT; also the other way around...!!!

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