Nuclear Fröst Interview

When i heard Nuclear Fröst for the first time, i imagined myself drinking beer in some place of Sweden, maybe Gothenburg, and the weather was enough to let it frozen... Their sound is noisy, dark and can lead us to other places. Founded in São Paulo, the necropolis cosmopolitan of Brazil, they appear full of 80s references, from d-beat/crust to black metal and thrash, a woman on vocals, political lyrics and a metal-punk bias. This interview was made with Thomas, the jawbreaker drummer that had the patience to answer my idiot questions.

Shortly after this interview, Edu (bass) left the band

Interview, translation and introduction by Alan Miséria

1 - When entering the studio do you set the air conditioner at the lowest level possible to try to simulate the thermal sensation of the Scandinavian countries?

Thomas: Sure... lol, if its not this way, theres no fun... but this thing of a band from a tropical country has the word “frost”, just show how people can achieve a level of love for a musical style, which in the case of NxF, we've always been paxionated by the swedish oldschool hardcore, the band just exist because of Svart Parad, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers and Crude SS, they always were, and always gonna be the biggest influences for us. Music has this power of mess with paradigms, this way we can say, it is like a person that never came to Brazil or has no connection with the country but loves Bossa Nova! I particularly think that bossa nova is just a crap, but music has this power.

2 - I saw a video with Feijão (Guitar) talking about vegetarian food, what is the position of the band concerning it? Someone told me that you sell pies made ​​with human flesh (allusion to a murder case in Brazil where tree people were arrested accused of making pies with meat of humans) saying that it were completely vegetarian, the band will go into decline now that I denounced the scheme of wild capitalist cannibalism?

Thomas: hehehehe... shit man, you just ruinned my chance of becoming rich. I Think that the big part of humanity wouldn't serve to this, if bovine meat causes a lot of diseases, imagine the human one, but well thinking... if there is people that goes to Mc Donalds, eat human meat its not só bad.
Feijão, that you mentioned, is vegan, it has some time, he lives in a inner city, he and his partnership are militants agaisn't the animal abuse, they organize protests, lectures, they are extremely active on this cause and became reference for this topic in the city, só thats the reason of this video.
Me and Gaby (vocalist) are vegetarians, already for some years, Edu (bassist) eats meat. We have a song named “Stop Animal Abuse” which talks about this posture that the big part of the band follows

3 - Nuclear Frost appeared in 2006 in Sao Paulo, is it? Can you talk a little about the band's inception? It is true that at first you would make a more industrial sound?

Thomas: Yes, Nuclear Frost begun in 2006, when Edu and me wanted to start a project, at that time Edu was playing with ROT (Grind Masters), at a first moment it would be a project, we want to make something with a experimental bias, like Ministry, Einstuerzende Neubauten , but Edu quit playing with ROT, só we changed the music style to become a band, this way it's easier to play live. So we called Gaby to be the vocalist, and we faced some problems to find a guitarrist, but soon we found a commarade called Fred (Bahia), that helped us a lot, and with this line up we started to play at gigs and recorded our demos “Dbeat War 83/Winter Bomb”, with the output of Fred, we stayed some time without a guitar player, we did some shows, just with guitar/drums/vocal, we recorded some stuff where Edu played guitar and bass, didn't took to much time to Feijão start playing with us in 2008, and gave a pace that we seek to the band, we had a sequence of concerts and compositions .

4 - Which bands that have or had women in the line up do you like? I don't know any current band that has women and make a sound similar to the Nuclear Frost ... do you know?

Thomas: I know that Gaby likes theses bands too much, which are references to her: Abuso Sonoro (CrustHC), No Sense (Grind), Excruciation (Death Metal from Santos), Detestation (Crust), Sacrilege (MetalPunk), Dominatrix, Acid, Deténte, Mercenárias...

Nowadays has Post Atomic Dogs which is a new band, Carol and her band mates are doing great stuff, this band deserves to be heard.

5 - In the split with Retaliador you put sounds that were recorded live in Minas Gerais (brazilian southeast state), you played down the viaduct Santa Teresa, how was the recording and presentation of the band on this day, and how did the idea of the split with Retaliador emerged?

Thomas: This gig really happened beneath the overpass of Santa Tereza (Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais), it was organized by our Belo Horizonte's friends, play in “Minas” is always great for NxFx, we really like mates from that place, they know how to receive people in the best way that is possible. The show at that time was planned to be released as a DVD, with the recording of all the bands that played on the event, like Barrikada, Filhos da Desgraça, Expurgo and others, but at the end of the gig the guy that filmed the whole stuff disappeared and just the audio remained, só, how we already wanted to make a split with Retalidor, this was the oportunity, guys from Realiador are our brothers, their sound is awsome, they are extremely honest and truthful in what they do, and this split only served to crown all this feeling. It was a totally DIY release on Cd-r with a Ep 7 ' cape.

6 - From what I've observed, you have a good public acceptance abroad, much of the time I tried to download Nuclear Frost material, were from foreign pages, do you know the motive of this?
Thomas: I hope this is really happening, I think this is due to the 4Way that was released in Italy, and the CD "Nuclear Winter Gloom" released in three different countries, Peru, Mexico and Spain, K7 tape in Thailand. I think that helped to spread the name, I hope it stays that way, because we want to tour in other countries ...

7 - Apart from the musical references, what most influences Nuclear Frost?

Thomas: Many things ... Life in society is full of references for a band, serves as a fuel to revolt, questioning, opposition on what is set to default, and so on .... Running away from it a little bit, I think that movies is a big influence, my favorite genres are Neo-realism of the period of 60/70 (mostly Italian), Documentary, German Expressionism, B Horror, Exploitation, Surrealism ...
I'll let here some movies i like , who want to see, is the hint ....
The Bicycle Thief (ITA 1948), Germany Year Zero (ITA 1948) / Cabra Marcado para Morrer (BRA 1964/84), Estamira (BRA 2004) The Architecture of Doom (GER 1992) / Nosferatu (GER 1922), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (ALE 1920) / Texas Chainsaw Massacre (USA 1974) the Beyond (USA 1981) / Thriller (SWE 1974), Coffy (USA 1973) / El Topo (MEX 1970) Un Chien Andalou (FRA 1929) ... let me stop here ... kkkkkkkkkk if not, you Alan, is primed rsrsrsrs ...

8 - It's election year, Lula (ex president of Brasil and ex leftist) made ​​accordance with Paulo Maluf (rightist corrupt politician prohibited of enter in 180 countries and on the list of Interpol, among other shits), Gilberto Kassab (current rightist São Paulo mayor) is great! and the Toucans (nickname for the rightist party that unfortunately always wins elections in São Paulo) are very good! Now surely you believe that São Paulo is taking a correct political direction, "right"?

Thomas: lol... Your questions are the best ... lol ... The city of São Paulo is a joke politically speaking, like Brazil, i guess that SP is the biggest joke of all, because the state has PSDB (the toucans) on government and is already 16 years on power, now as the mayor, Kassab, total fascist, what can i say about a population that elects a comedian (Tiririca - A clown elected as São Paulo Federal Deputy) to "represent" the city where you live, the greater detail, with the biggest number of votes in history.
The Capitalist Democracy sucks in first world countries, imagine in a third world country like Brazil, the city of São Paulo is just a reflection of that, disorganized in all aspects, economic, social and etc. .. Sells the capitalist dream, to have and to have more and more and more, because this is the only way for you to be someone in life ... then you drops in the big problems of the world, which here in Sao Paulo seems to be more chronic ...

9 - You participated in a 4 way split with Armagedom, both the split with Retaliator as well as the "4 way split" were released in 2009? The other bands on the "4 way" are from italy, isn't it? How did the Nuclear Frost's participation in this record happen?

Thomas: In 2009 we participated in a 4Way with Armagedom, which for us was a proud, be able to share this 4way with them, this 4way also has two bands from Italy: Children Of Technology and Minkions, great bands, especially guys from CxOxTx that are great people ... the invitation happened through Myspace, the Astolf (CxOxTx) got in touch and talked about the project, We are very grateful, thanks for the help .... DeathLord Astolf Certainly helped spread the name of NxFx.
In that same year, the band released a split with U.S. Secret Sect, which took too long to come out, since it should be released in late 2008, most so far so good ... the shit was to know that Joey Cox (Secret Sect drummer) that organized and released, with a circulation of 1,000 copies, just sent 25 copies for us, the combined would be 100 copies, what can we say?
And in 2010 we organized the split version on CD-R with our friends from Retaliator.

10 - the band has a defined religious position? Evil tongues say that you are evangelical zealots and use music to "entice" young people to the church, it is true?

Thomas: Our intention is kinda similar to the American Pastor Jim Jones for his sect called "Peoples Temple", that was responsible for the mass suicide in Guyana in 1978 ... This episode I mentioned is only one of many cases that religious fanaticism can reach, NxFx is a extremely anti religion band, especially the Christian, for all the ills and genocides caused by this shitty religion. We are all atheists thank God.

11 - What is the difference between the punk and the metal scene in São Paulo? Do you see some difference beyond the musical style?

Thomas: São Paulo's scene is disunited and too conservative, not saying about all the people, there are people that takes it serious, support the bands, but seeing the scene as a whole, disunity prevails …
The punk scene which i can talk about is the Crust, Grind and stuff, which is the scene that NxF usually plays. It's done by conscient people, in a big part, but has a lot of posers, guys that want to seem as if they were the best just because wear a t shirt from some famous band, but they are really assholes, (nothing against any band) they never went through bad times, in life or with a band, and wants to have a band to show off, i think that many people are going to read this and say “look what a sucker, asshole, Who does he think he is? The saviour...” guess that sometimes people needs to be humbler and pratice more what they talk and listen in the musics.
People from São Paulo needs to learn with others scenes, i think that today Rio de Janeiro has the best MetalPunk/Crust/Punk/Grind scene, i say this because the last two times i went there i saw guys that wanted to see the band, zines, show materials, drink with friends, talk... things that doesn't happens in SP, it´s not commom to see things like this here, just some times... i'll stop talking because i'm not the owner of the truth... this is just my opinion...

12 - What is your opinion about Black Metal bands that has rightist political views? Don't you think that they end up becoming a sort of "gospel music of the devil"? In my view as Bakunin said on God and the State (paraphrasing) "if God exists, then the devil was the first free thinker in history" so he (the Guanxumão – also known in portuguese as capeta, satanás or in english “satan”) would have a libertarian bias, better than some kind of religious facism, don't you think?

Thomas: Tolally agree with what you said, the Black Metal emerged as way of protest agaisn't the church and all its dogmas and conservatism, then we have that thing, that we can say that begun with the second generation of Black Metal bands, especifically from Norway, those guys thought “we need to do something more fucked up than Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Bathory, Bulldozer... lets be Nazi Black Metal band, or better, for people do not perceive, lets be a Nacional Socialist Black Metal band (which is the same shit), because this way we can draw more attention”. Man this is my opinion, i don't know who is more idiot, the guy that appears with the idea or the others that follows it.
Conservatism does not match to Black Metal, in any way, but what can we do? The guy shit and has a lot others to eat it, its hard...

13 – You just recorded your second full length álbum called “Anti-Christ Anti-Nazi” that's gonna be released in vinyl, whats the difference between the debut (Nuclear Winter Gloom) and this one?

Thomas: I think that doesn't have much difference, in NxF until now we have a music system and letters, which to be raw and direct, for example, we don't like to record guitar twice, for two reasons, first because we don't want to sound heavy, to sound like 80s recordings, and second because the bass that Edu does fills ok, he plays almost all the parts of the musics in power chords, with a lot of noise, it fills enough spaces, and is the way we like.

14 - how many partnerships is needed to release an LP? What are the difficulties of a band in Brazil to launch something like this? to release a LP would be like Corinthians (brasilian soccer team that took 102 years to win the most important soccer championship in latin america) wins Libertadores?

Thomas: NxF case, are us, the band, and more four labels: Terrotten/Extreme Noise Discos – Absurd Records/ Corsário Discos and our friend Fernando, summing Five labels, that are going to realize this dream. i do not twist to the Corinthians... but its a similar feeling winnig Libertadores after to much attempts, all the band members are more or less 30 years old, so we have been on it for some time... i it doesn't makes us more deserving than others, Who likes music, punk/metal and stuff, when starts a band, dream about having its material released in vinyl, there is no words to describe it, seems forced what I'm talking about, but just us, and who is on our side know how happy we are with this LP.
The Polysom when came back to its ativities, people from the underground stayed happy, thinking that it would be like before, but when saw that their patterns was with a cult shit MPB/POP bias, with high prices, we got disappointed... on the 2011/2012 passage, the prices fell slightly (still expensive), the goal was more realistic, we don't have prices to say to foreign people, but here in Brazil even though expensive is not at a very high price. We hope that prices fell more in next years.

15 - just to search here later, which bands have you listened recently?

Thomas: Eveybody goes through phases, and i’m in a rotten one, i’ve listen a lot of: Hellfire – Black Metal (SWE), Necrobutcher – DeathNoise (BRA), Nuctemeron – DeathNoise (Brasil), Beherit – DeathNoise (FIN), VNA - Noise (FRA), hard man LOL, but to relax the tympanum, Haveri – great swedish hardcore, Musta Paraati – Pós Punk (FIN), Nitzer Ebb – the very first That Total Age, Visions – Demo/CrustThrash magnificent (SWE), Afrika Bambaataa – São Bento Rules/Planet Rock (USA), and other things like classicals of Metal/Punk/Crust/HC/Dark

Gaby has listen to: Warripper in the morning. Anticimex in theAfternoon, and Racionais MCs at night.

16 – So, that's it. Guess that something is missing, but here is the space for you to say what you want, what you think thats important to say and wasn't... thank you só much Nuclear Fröst!!!

Thomas: Alan i Just like to thank you For the space here, thank you for the interview and support, hope to see you soon, Who wants to get in contact with Nuclear Frost, send email to nuclearfrost83@gmail.com or my email thomasattack@yahoo.com.br, we are going to release Just 300 copies of the LP “AntiChrist/AntiNazi” If someone wants some copy, Just let us know... DisCimexHammerVod!

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